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Comprehensive Neurology Service has neurologists that specialize in treating movement disorders.

We can treat a wide variety of movement disorders, including dizziness, head and face pain, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, strokes, tremors, balance problems and Carpal Tunnel.

We also treat injuries to nerves, brain injuries, anxiety, stress, neck pain, back pain, depression, seizures, Alzheimer’s and concussions.

Our neurologists can utilize a wide variety of treatment option to treat nerve damage, pain, memory loss, loss of balance, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome as well as many other diseases and conditions of the central nervous system.

We don’t just look at the symptoms. We look at the disease, potential causes for the disease, the symptoms and design personalize treatment plans so that you can feel better quickly.

We might recommend diet changes, medications and lifestyle changes in order to help you manage your symptoms.

Here at Comprehensive Neurology Service, we seek to treat the whole body, which means paying attention to the details as well as the overall picture. The reason we go to such great lengths is because we care about our patients and their health. It’s important to us to provide the highest quality treatments available.